Crypto and Chronic Episode 7: Bitcoin Remains Strong - Venezuela's Petro Dollar Launches

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In this episode of Crypto and Chronic, we discuss the lasting strength of Bitcoin. We also talk about the Venezuelan government's Petro Dollar ICO, and why everyone should stay away from it.

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@davidhay thanks for sharing the breakdown of your portfolio it really helps new investors in crypto.

Watching from Korea. Thanks for your videos.

Yo man, great info. Sure some minor technical issues but ef that. I am in my "beginner" phase of building my portfolio. So I want to grow it but be safe at the same time :) I hold a decent chunk of the 3 OG's (BTC, ETH and LTC) but not to a degree where u have it (75-80%). Most of my money is placed on the platform plays, one of them will end up as "the winner" in the end.

About robinhood being competition for Binance, isnt robinhood limited to US and Australia? I think Binance will be fine :)

Thanks for the Q and A mate. T.

Nice post thanks for sharing...

Im going to roll a blunt then start watching

Thanks for another great video David. What are your thoughts on the use of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela or any country with a completely corrupt government? Would such a gov't be able to keep blockchain tech down?

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