5 Reasons Why Bitcoin is King Cryptocurrency

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bitcoin is king

Many wonder why bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency. Besides it being the first, what else makes bitcoin such an important crypto?

Here we will take a look at the top 5 reasons why bitcoin is still king of the cryptocurrencies.

Of course, these are my own personal opinions and not financial advice. With that said, I do personally feel that bitcoin is the best crypto to store value for me and here are 5 reasons why. 

5 Reasons Why Bitcoin is King

1. Bitcoin Has the Most Hash Power

The Bitcoin Network has the most hash power. As you may know, a Blockchain’s hash power is based on the amount of computations it can complete per second. These computations are how the network creates blocks and confirms transactions on the network. 

bitcoin blockchian hash rate

A Blockchain with low hash power is more susceptible to a 51% attack. This type of attack could occur if a centralized source were to control 51% of a Blockchain network.

Theoretically, a 51% attack would allow the attacker to verify transactions that were illegitimate. Due to the Bitcoin Blockchain's enormous hash power, it is very unlikely for the bitcoin network to fall prey to such an attack.

2. Bitcoin's Brand Recognition

Bitcoin’s brand recognition may seem trivial on the surface, but it is more important to its success than some may recognize. People that know nothing about cryptocurrency know about bitcoin. Bitcoin’s brand power makes it the Coca-Cola of cryptos. 

bitcoin and Coca-Cola

As the world enters the cryptocurrency market, they will seek out bitcoin first because that is the crypto they know.

It’s the crypto they’ve heard about on T.V., in the paper, or from the Internet. Brand recognition is the reason why we ask for a Band-aid and not an adhesive bandage. 

Moreover, brand recognition produces nostalgia. We long for things that we associated with a particular feeling or stage of our lives, and bitcoin is no different.

Years from now when cryptos are normalized more so than today, bitcoin will still be the most cherished because it’s the one we will remember as starting it all. 

3. Bitcoin is Widely Available

Bitcoin is available pretty much everywhere at this point. No matter where you are in the world, if you try hard enough you can probably buy some bitcoin.

Of course cryptocurrency exchanges are the most obvious places to buy bitcoin. Some less obvious places are Craigslist, Ebay, and bitcoin ATMs.


As you can see, bitcoin ATMs are popping up all over the world with no signs of slowing. This means that if you have bitcoin and you want to trade it for the local currency of the country you are in, it’s high likely you will be able to. 

4. Bitcoin is the Industry Standard

Bitcoin is the industry standard cryptocurrency. This my not seem important, but it is when you consider the amount of technical expertise that is currently developing the cryptocurrency infrastructure. Cryptos have acquired the attention of Silicon Valley and tech experts around the world. 

The hardware and software that is being developed which utilizes cryptocurrencies is predominantly being developed with the Bitcoin Blockchain in mind.

For example, businesses that accept crypto will almost always accept bitcoin first. If you buy a hardware wallet, you can be sure it will work with bitcoin.

If there is a new app that hits the market and has some sort of cryptocurrency payment integration, it will probably be bitcoin.

5. Bitcoin Has High Demand and Low Supply

The maximum bitcoin circulating supply is 21,000,000, and there are around 7,632,819,325 people currently in the world. The number of people will increase, and so will the percentage of them that want to buy bitcoin. 

The number of bitcoins however will not increase the maximum bitcoin circulating supply will only decrease.

There are many ways in which the amount of bitcoin in circulation will be reduced, For example, people will lose access to their wallets for various reason thereby all but destroying the the bitcoin within. Of course you can own fractions of bitcoin, but even that is limited. 

What Do You Think?

I personally feel that bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrencies for all the reasons I’ve listed and more. My cryptocurrency portfolio reflects my believe in the future of bitcoin. 

What do you think of bitcoin? is it your preferred crypto, or are Altcoins the cryptos you choose? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Bitcoin will always be around but Ethereum is going to take the throne soon. You see, Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, but they refuse. They cling to the realm or the gods or love. Illusions. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.

Although, it might happen I do not think so. The main reason is a philosophical one. Right now there are crypto's that surpass the tech of BTC, yet they don't even come close to BTC. BTC has become a symbol. Before Ethereum or even Litecoin when you hear crypto currency the first thing that pops into your head is bitcoin. Bitcoin will represent all of it and will always be valued as such. It started the movement and out of respect for it people will value it even more. It is a reason why it is considered the gold of the industry.

In the crypto space BTC is the currency of choice. Despite some ETH pairs, most times, if you want to get into any alt coins you have to buy BTC first. That demand is huge and will continue. BTC will also improve as it has a lot of development commitment. If, or rather when big players will come into this space in numbers, they will need large denomination players to enter, and BTC is the largest. BTC is here to stay and thrive.

You've got a good point that BTC has the brand recognition going for it. Whenever someone who knows I'm into crypto pokes fun at the market they don't say "hey how much money did you lose on Cardano?"

Also it is the fundemental crypto for exchanges with altcoins and I guess safest.

I think this is all true. I also think that as long as bitcoin is king that litecoin will continue to have utility. Sending bitcoin takes a long time and is expensive, and most exchanges have litecoin readily available with cheaper and quicker transactions.

Thanks for the post, I fully agree :)

I love technology and I have the feeling that Bitcoin is getting to old.. And the lightning network might save him... But very expensive transactions slow transactions... And a lot of things that should be improved at this point makes me fill unease with Bitcoin... ETH for me is much better and I think the future might bring better solutions... Bitcoin is now some sort of value storage, but not usable coin in the world of crypto 2018.

Agree with all of these David! When bitcoin fix their issues that it is having at the moment, Then it will the absolute king!

Agreed on all points. I love to see how many Youtubers start to slowly switch from ICOs and hot content to actually reporting on solid projects.

I think that Lightning Network can be huge positive for Bitcoin, because can reduce the transaction cost and give to Bitcoin scalability.

+1! I really can't wait for this to happen. Even if it's out since almost 10 years we're not even halfway down, development wise. Still a lot of room for improvement :) great read, @davidhay

Bravo David!! ups_and_downs.jpg BellaVita Sempre.

The bitcoin vs Ethereum battle is really going to heat up in the next 18 months. Lightning network is often spoken about in whispiers by bitcoiners as the white knight, but when/will it ever roll out and improve the xfer speeds? Either way, It's an exciting time to be a speculator!

What are your thoughts about Lightening Network?

A thought on the branding: I think Bitcoin has name recognition, yes, but it is not at all in control of its brand. In fact, it takes a consistent beating from alt coins that do have marketing budgets or a central spokesperson.

I think there are a few other advantages for consideration:

  • Anonymous founder(s) in Satoshi Nakamoto: Makes it harder to appeal to an individual to fix problems, as was the case with Ethereum, the DAO, and Vitalik. You also can't kidnap, torture, or kill Satoshi.
  • Developer Mindshare: From what I understand, Bitcoin still has the deepest roster of top-flight talent when it comes to protocols and cryptography. This results in consistent delivery of significant, stable updates to the base protocol.
  • Head Start: Contrary to what all the hot, new projects claim ... I believe Bitcoin still has a head start. Now that the Bitcoin Cash folks have a separate playground, Bitcoin can move forward much faster. With a middleware layer is well underway in the case of Lightning Network (possibly 2-3 years ahead of projects like Ethereum), Bitcoin can start to look a lot more like a shiny new toy than an old dinosaur. When the middleware services stabilize, they there will be an explosion of end-user applications.

Analysis is spot on. Bitcoin is the king. All you need to do is to go to worldcoinindex.com and look the the 7D charts and see how all the Alts are just mirroring Bitcoin. Been trading Bitcoin to USD and playing the trading range for small, but consistent, profits. Trying not to get whipsawed by the markets.

I agree with this post. While bitcoin might be the king, and isn’t just a pure speculative coin, there are still legitimate token and coins out there. And while some may not be “launched” yet the companies and development teams are legit. But a lot of them may not be as well. Exciting things to come in the future! But always, do your own research!

To Me Bitcoin (BTC) Is Still The Undisputed King Of Crypto.

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