I've been stock piling my 100 Trillion notes waiting for this day lol

FINALLY! Someone else who has some...

True story - I told a friend about this about eight or nine years ago (the Zim dollar and its hyperinflation) and he bought a bunch of them - like 100 of the 100 trillion notes - to send with a party invite for work.

You can now buy those notes for $40 or so US on Ebay. Each note.

Yeah they used to sell for like $1 per note on Amazon, more recently I've seen them going for as much as $200. I remember a while back one eBay someone was selling notes autographed by Ron Paul for like $1500 per note. I know the crypto space has kind of embraced the story of the Zimbabwe Dollar as a case for why crypto is better, no inflation with most currencies. I was thinking there may be an opportunity to make some money doing kind of an artsy or funny thing stamping the Zimbabwe notes with Bitcoin is better stamps or something like that and selling them on eBay or Etsy.

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