29 % of Germans perceive crypto as cash investment

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According to German bank Postbank, 29 percent of Germans perceives the cryptocurrencies as a cash investment.

The results of the study were eventually known later, in February 2018, 3,100 people were interviewed.

Half of young people (18 to 34) are interested in investing in cryptivals, and they constitute 46% of the respondents. 14% of them are willing to buy or get involved in the cryptrollouts of the next year.

However, the post-boss executive's digital officer said that more time is needed to see the full picture and the Germans are not interested in speculative waves due to speculative waves.

In addition to age, the survey focused on gender, which resulted in three interesting facts: 60% of women consider the formation of an independent financial system when men are 51%. The greatest profit from cryptocurrencies is more attractive to men (56%) than women (36%). Finally, 36% of men favor the anonymity offered by the crypto when 26% of women are at the same position.

It should be taken into consideration that the survey was conducted when the price of bitcoin and other cryptoscales fell sharply. Therefore, the organizers of the survey were also surprised by the results.

As for the additional indicators, 20% of respondents are convinced that they are well informed about the issue with articles that are read in the media. 29% of young people think of themselves as a crypto expert.

Most of the respondents do not know that they are biting in many countries. It is also interesting that the results published by the Organization for Protection of South Korea Financial Investors, which show that 20-30 year olds prefer to make money in cryptrollouts rather than buy traditional shares.

source : https://goo.gl/38k5ow

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