Vlog: Report Suggests Impending BTC Hardfork and Its Possible Market Implication

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Speculation and a new report are suggesting a Bitcoin hardfork is upon us. Is this the reason for the carnage in the BTC market?


I'm curious, would a hard fork have the same effect as the eth one, where we'd get a separate set of coins?

A hardfork backed by your GPU is nothing but a joke. BTC is not your play money. Mind it. ;)

Doesn't insider trading following the Bitfinex "hack" explain equally well the price drop?

Yeah, if I knew I'd have the opportunity to hack a major exchange, I'd short it as much as possible before carrying out the hack. That probably caused waves of fear, as people were expecting it to break up instead of down. Then the hack actually happened, and it plummeted.

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