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RE: Steemit Statistics & Big Datas: 🚀 End of July 2019 Update 🚀

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It's pretty hard, every day is a battle, even for those of us who have income through cryptos or foreign currency.

Things are getting more difficult, there are recurrent failures of internet and electricity, food is very expensive, especially protein, for example at home we have enough time without eating meat or buying milk when before they were products that could not be missing. The streets are very unsafe, the country is immersed in crime and corruption everywhere, we can not raise our voices, everything is shit.

But here we are, resisting, hoping to get out of this nightmare someday.


Thank you for this insight. It is difficult to understand from a foreign country if still a big chunk of the population supports Maduro. If so, what are their reasons?

I can assure you that more than 90% of the people do not agree with the administration of the country, but they control the military corps, the natural resources and very important, the food. there are many people who are unhappy in their homes but are forced to give them support in exchange for subsidized food, very little, the basic thing, but it is enough to control a good part of the population.

It is as if our legs have been cut off, but you must beg your executioner so that he can give you a pair of crutches, and don't forget to smile and give thanks when you receive them, or at least the promise that they are on the way, don't betray him because then your executioner will be angry with you and you won't have your crutches and everything will be your fault.

I know it's a bizarre example, but our reality is quite bizarre. Social control is tremendous and psychological cynicism bends the weakest minds, indeed there are people living in misery and supports the rulers with the hope that one day they will have their crutches. But if we had the option to choose, we would choose a better future.