4th January 2019 Crypto Opportunities | BITCOIN | ETHEREUM | LITECOIN

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Friday | 4th January 2019

Everyday is a Potential Payday if you Master the Art of Trading - Daniel Ang

Good Day all my beloved students & steemians. Inside this daily commentary I will share the short-term technical outlook and trade ideas for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.  

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Do not attempt to use any of the trade ideas contained within unless you have attended my classes and understood the risk and money management behind these ideas.   

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There is no material change in outlook. Despite the pullback from Wednesday’s high of $3900.32, BTC remains on course to resume its climb from last month’s low of $3113.80. 

On the downside, further consolidation may take BTC towards the nearby demand zone at $3693.86 - $3721.34. 

On the upside, a clean break above $3938.18 could probably see BTC targeting $4183.71. 

Regardless, once this correction ends, the next phase is expected to be an explosive rally towards $5262.00 and beyond.                                    



On a relative basis, the pullback seen in ETH is deeper; having registered a loss of some 7.71 percent from the week’s high. 

Compared to this, BTC’s loss was only 4.14 percent. Still, this does not in any way alter the near to medium-term outlook for ETH. 

Going forward, we may or may not see an extended decline into the $138.04 - $139.58 demand zone before resuming its climb. 

Of course, there is every possibility a temporary bottom may already be in place at the overnight low of $143.83. Like BTC, a sustained rise above the Christmas Eve high of $158.33 is the signal that the rally from the mid-December low of $80.57 has resumed. 

If so, the initial target $181.01 (hourly time frame) before mounting a challenge at $239.30 over the medium-term (see 4-hourly time frame chart).                                   



As suspected, yesterday’s brief breach above last week’s high at $33.29 was not enough to sustain the rally. 

LTC promptly pulled back and registered an overnight low of $30.75. 

While it is possible a temporary bottom may be in place there, allowance is for an extended decline towards the next demand zone at $29.64 - $30.99. 

No matter, LTC is expected to resume its rally from last December low of $27.30. Going forward, clearance above $36.28 will open up a challenge of $38.90 on its way towards $50.28.                 


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