30th October 2018 Daily Trading Commentary | BITCOIN | ETHEREUM | LITECOIN

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Tuesday | 30th October 2018

Good Day all my beloved students & steemians. Inside this daily commentary I will share the short-term technical outlook and trade ideas for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.  

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Do not attempt to use any of the trade ideas contained within unless you have attended my classes and understood the risk and money management behind these ideas.   

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After 2 weeks of non-action, the crypto market came back to life by resuming its long-term decline. Throughout this period of consolidation, it has been maintained that BTC is more likely to fall than rise. 

Going forward, a break below $6331.16 and $6088.14 would confirm this near-term bearish assessment. In the medium-term, an eventual break below the year’s low at $5738.77 is expected and an extended fall below $4000 in BTC is not inconceivable. 

If so, this is most likely the last leg of a year-long fall from last December 17 high, and an critical bottom is in sight.              



ETH fell overnight in tandem with the general weakness in crypto assets. As expected, a resumption of the long-term decline is probably at hand. 

Going forward, a decisive break below $188.46 and $166.88 would confirm this bearish assessment. 

Preliminary, a fall to somewhere between $124.00 - $125.00 is a distinct possibility with a worst-case scenario been a fall towards $34.50. 

Whether or not ETH falls as deep, this anticipated fall is seen as a terminal one and a lasting bottom in ETH is expected. 

Increasingly, the odds are shifting for cryptocurrencies and buying is becoming attractive.             



In a swoop, LTC confirmed the immediate bearish outlook with a clean break below $50.50 and $49.56 respectively. 

While there is a counter-trend rise in the hourly time frame from yesterday’s low of $47.06, this counter-trend is not expected to last. Yesterday’s low at $47.06 is not far from the year low of $46.91. Again, even this low may not hold. Over the medium-term, a move to challenge the September 15, 2017 low of $32.48 is not impossible. 

That said, there is every possibility this level may arrest the year-long slide. At any rate, when LTC trades below $ 40.00, it will appeal to buyers once again.  

Like BTC and ETH, LTC is likely in a final decline and should bottom out somewhere between $32.48 - $ 35.50.                     


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