Why I Signed the Declaration of Currency Independence - Essay Series #004 - Real Power Edition

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I signed the the Declaration of Currency Independence for many reasons. Like most rational people, I’m striving for financial independence and the personal freedom it offers. As I believe that cryptocurrency is a path towards that freedom, a campaign like Johns McAfee’s Declaration of Currency Independence was just what I was looking for.

Once you begin learning about crypto and blockchain, you start to develop an understanding not just of the the core principles of blockchain technology but of the whole cryptocurrency movement. It becomes clear that people, governments, and society stand to reap great benefits by adopting blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

You don’t need a university degree in economics, engineering, or programming to see the potential benefits of cryptocurrencies and access to real financial freedom. Something we, as individuals, have sadly lacked since governments abandoned meaningful currency valuation models.

I also had the confidence that my signature on this document has real power, small as it may be, as it represents an immutable contract on the Ethereum blockchain. And as cryptocurrencies are here to stay, this declaration is here to stay too, forever.

Foremost in my thinking, was that I wasn’t signing to promote John McAfee or his team. Rather, I signed because I believe in helping people. Good people help people in need! In my mind, participating in democratic elections and signing the Declaration are one and the same, an expression of my individual right to choose what is best for me and the people I care about. However, while I consider voting fundamentally important as a free citizen of my country, signing the DCI was even more significant to me. I believe it was one of the most important acts of advocacy in my life.

I adamantly believe that this document is not simply another useless attempt to change the world for the better., On the contrary, it is the only way towards peaceful revolution without needless suffering and destruction. Cryptocurrencies are made and controlled by the people, for the people. And while some governments have already accepted the inevitable change that will be unleashed by blockchain and crypto, there are still many politicians around the world afraid to lose their control over money the existing financial/political system, and the people. Afraid to lose control over a system that they have been building, practically unchallenged, for many years.

But an Internet-based peer-to-peer network is a force even they can’t control. Crypto is here to stay and so is the Declaration, signed by myself and many others.

-Author: Lektor

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We need to support each other with this endeavour. The Banks and the Corrupt Governments and Oligarchy have controlled the people for far too long its time for us to Stand Up for our Rights and form a Common Language that we can rally behind to bring Separate Money from the State. Just like the Declaration of independence and the first amendment of the Constitution gave Religions and Spiritual Organizations the power of Seperation of Church and State.


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This is a nice information about block chain and crypto currency. I have learned a lot from it. The currency Independence i am looking forward on it. Good one @curncndpendnce

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