Bitcoin and Fiat Leak - A Ringside Seat to the Collapse

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Bitcoin and Fiat Leak - A Ringside Seat to the Collapse

Ever since I woke up to the indentured servitude system of the private central banks and their henchmen, I have watched with varying degrees of delight and dread the approach of the inevitable collapse of the fiat monetary system. That viewing habit has found a new fascination, a terrible and beautiful orgy of fiat slaughter streamed in real time that leaves me alternately laughing and screaming on the edge of my seat.... Fiat Leak.

Are you ready to rumble?

Fiat Leak transforms the abstract intellectual awareness of the Bitcoin vs fiat fight into a visceral in-your-face Fight Club experience. Every Bitcoin exchange becomes a fist to the face of the bankster edifice, every ring of the bell is another death knell of the banksters' bullshit system. The battle has gone global!

What the banksters are quickly realizing is that Bitcoin and the Blockchain are the gentle giants on the playground and they, the bullying control freaks they are, are going on the offensive... Let me provide a prediction as to how that is going to work out for them:


Watching the fight on Fiat Leak gives you a number of options: language, animations, adjustable bells by volume, scrolling value of bitcoin exhanges, 24 hour chart and a dedicated Bitcoin news feed.

Unfortunately, as has been pointed out elsewhere, Fiat Leak does not really show only fiat flowing into Bitcoin, rather it shows the volume of Bitcoin exchanges, into, out of and within the blockchain. It is worth arguing that the higher the volume of Bitcoin exchanging hands, the worse things look for the banksters. Despite this drawback....

Some may ask why I would anticipate such a catastrophe with delight. It is because the private central banksters have erected an indentured servitude system forged of invisible financial chains. They have woven complex lies and fictions together to hoodwink and extract value from producers by claiming to provide money and means for growth, when they are really parasites in the heart of humanity. I am convinced mankind will never, ever fulfill its potential inside such a system. For those who understand private central banking and the fiat monetary system, I am likely preaching to the choir. For those who do not, ye know not what injustice is done unto you.

Others may ask why I would anticipate with such dread the collapse of the fiat system if it will end the injustice. It is because when the collapse comes, the majority will not be prepared. The suffering that will be unleashed by the collapse of the banksters' system will likely be unparalleled in history. It will be accompanied by the single largest wealth transfer in history from the poor to the rich, with countless millions of good hardworking people of all ages losing their life savings. And afterwards, the danger the banksters will remain in control is much too high for my liking.

Regardless of what happens when the final round is rung in, you can watch the fight go down right now in real time. So grab some snacks and get your front row seat.

With a golden-tipped arrow,

Cupid Zero

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Great article. Especially the graphic showing the fiat leak. I headed straight to that website.


Thanks for the positive feedback!

I've been reading and following stories about the impending doom, the collapse of the banking system for years now, they always say it's going to happen on a very specific date. Obviously it hasn't happened so far but I think we might be reaching a tipping point.

As soon as the first country swaps over to a cryptocurrency and to including blockchain technology for all their local and government operations I think we'll see a massive movement. The system will try to fight it but from that point there will be two parallel systems working and more and more governments will jump ship. It will be interesting for sure and can't imagine yet how it's going to pan out.


I don't think the collapse can be foreseen, it will likely be triggered by a black swan. But for now I agree, it looks like a tipping point is close.

Legislation in Japan has already made Bitcoin and virtual currencies legal currency (April 2017) See this link. Since then announcements have been rolling in and it looks like over half a million stores will be accepting crypto in Japan in the immediate future.

Awesome post

Great Read Cupid Zero!! Superb

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