Amazon & JP Morgan blockchain services. Wikileaks boycotts Coinbase. XRP + ETH are noncompliant securities? - Weekly recap 29 April

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Amazon web services has launched “blockchain templates” to make it easier to build Ethereum or Hyperledger based blockchain networks.

JP Morgan have conducted their own blockchain based debt issuance. They hope to reduce the costs of origination, distribution, execution and settlement. The blockchain will also be used to manage the coupon and principal payments.

An interesting look into the infrastructure and governance of decentralised organisation.

Wikileaks have called for a boycott of Coinbase following their decision to block the wikileaks’ online store from using the bitcoin payment processor. Wikileaks first started accepting Bitcoin donations in June, 2011.

Former head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission believes Ripple (XRP) is more likely to be a noncompliant security than Ethereum (ETH). Ripple the company issues XRP tokens at its own discretion through sales, grants, and other centralized means, while ETH has evolved from an ICO into a decentralised network.

Shenzhen, China has launched a public-private blockchain investment fund with $80m set aside to invest in blockchain startups in its first phase.

Over the counter (OTC) crypto trading continues to grow with Circle’s OTC desk increasing their minimum trade size to $500k and reporting >$2bn in volume per month.

Sequoia Capital is suing Binance over a deal that fell through last December. The deal would have valued the exchange at $80m. Binance’s rapid growth helped it to go on to earn $200m in that quarter, valuing the firm conservatively at $3bn.

Crypto M&A is on the rise with the latest deal rumoured to involve one of the longest running Bitcoin exchanges, Bitstamp. The possible acquirer is South Korean gaming company Nexon and the price is $350m.

Nasdaq is the latest incumbent to play catch up, announcing that it is open to becoming a digital currency exchange. Competitor NYSE was a series C investor in the largest crypto exchange in the U.S, Coinbase.

Bitcoin futures liquidity is continue to grow with single day volume reaching 56000 BTC equivalent in the CME futures, worth approximately $500m at the time.

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Finally the mainstream are coming on board!!

They used to leak all things related to tyranny or misuse of power. Now they're aiding the agenda of a tyrant and pretending to do it for the good of the people.

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