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Savedroid, founded in 2015 in Germany is an award-winning fintech which specialises in artificial intelligence saving technology. In 3 years of existence, Savedroid has gone on to become one of the most promising fintech company. Fuelled with the passion of making technological savings available to the masses, Savedroid is exploring new ways of applying AI into crypto saving investing and spending.

As humans it is expected of to save part of our earnings either to invest it in another business, buy houses or other properties, go on a trip or even save towards our retirement time. Saving is not solely an adult exercise, children also save money in order to buy their favourite game consoles or toys. The financial benefits of saving are unending but the major problem is how to save.

The little money we put aside occasionally end up amounting to something at the end of the day. At some point in our lifetime, we usually encounter financial emergencies, unplanned, that take us unaware. As human beings such occurrence do test our resolve and we can only come out stronger if we had planned ahead of time for such emergencies. This is where the need for saving becomes very necessary.

Savedroid is committed to providing users with a self-learning Artificial Intelligence algorithm crypto saving in a number of top cryptocurrencies through the savedroid crypto saving app. The savedroid crypto saving app can be downloaded here for android users and here for iphone users, it integrates state of the art AI technology and great UX based on maximum simplification and emotional gamification to deliver its exceptional value proposition.

The app includes options to create wishes; choose how long you want to actualise the wish, the habits that will automate the app to withdraw money from your bank account into a Savedroid saving account, how much should be withdrawn each time the habit is performed. The interesting part of the solution is that once you have configured the app, you no longer have to visit the app and manually withdraw money from your bank account into the Savedroid saving account, the AI powered app automates the entire process. You can save in any of the top cryptocurrencies, the savedroid crypto saving app will also enable users to spend crypto, trade and make payments in crypto. Users will also be able to invest in cryptocurrency portfolios, futures, and ICOs all within the savedroid crypto saving app.

The savedroid crypto saving app offers a concise, yet feature packed solution in order to enable users utilise their cryptocurrencies. Managing one’s portfolio will become a lot easier since it can be done within the app, eliminating the need for multiple crypto exchanges, crypto wallets, and private keys. Bottom line, the Savedroid crypto savings app will provide new and existing crypto users a hassle free crypto savings and investment.

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