Bitcoin Will Reach $20,000 Again

in #bitcoin2 years ago


According to news media and #crypto haters, #Bitcoin will reach $20,000 again in 2022.


Well, everything is possible in #cryptomarket but I believe in #blockchaintechnology and love #cryptoinvesting.

I am a long term #cryptoinvestor, what happens to #cryptocurrencies it doesn't matter for me.

What about you? Are you a long term investor or full time #cryptotrader ?


Personally, I want to see Bitcoin fall to $20,000. Not because I want to see so many people lose money, but because that is an amazing target to buy at. If I were to base my investing on patterns alone (not the best method but a fair gamble), I'd say Bitcoin "should" be worth about $40,000 today and could hit a $20,000 dip in 2-3 months ... I don't think it will fall much below $20,000.

This is all speculation, not financial advice, but my personal opinion is at anywhere under $35,000 Bitcoin is still a good odds gamble.

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