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RE: Do You Know Your Magic Number for Investing?

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I don't see that as true for Bitcoin Cash for a number of reasons that I've discussed numerous times, but will likely make a video on separately in the future. I understand preferring it, but think it will ultimately cost you every penny you have in it so do at your own risk. For Ethereum Classic, I think the argument is much stronger for it being the "real" Ethereum given immutability is often cited as an all-powerful feature of utilizing blockchain technology, so the current Ethereum made a very real sacrifice. However, I have concerns over its longer-term adoption so I wouldn't personally invest in it.


Personally I've been liquidating my ETH into BTC and 3rd/4th gen blockchains. I like ETH and Vitalik but it just doesn't make sense that ETH has a market cap that dwarfs that of the 3rd/4th gen blockchains.

Many of these other blockchains (NEO, EOS) allow more flexible programming languages than Solidity. Plus some of these next-gen chains have raised huge warchests to incentive devs to build on their platform.

@cryptovestor Thanks for the feedback...I recently started a thorough investigation on BTC vs BCH...Still, can't say for sure which one is "real". There are several references that I found them interesting so I'm sharing at the bottom.

Regarding ETH vs ETC I think what the Ethereum Foundation (EF) did was what every centralized government does.

In Ethereum website it says:

Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference....

[UNTIL something goes wrong that impacts the interest of EF] I would add this to their site.

What they did in 2016 was basically "bailing out" DAO project/investors!! This is antithesis of what the whole Bitcoin /blockchain was invented.....Are they gonna "fork" it again next time some attacks happen? Just for this simple ideological reason for me the whole thing is voided.

the whole reason of crypto is that it subsidizes itself INDEPENDENT from any outside sources, the moment a company or VC or special interests grants some funding to a crypto its OVER as a decentralized cooperative ecosystem....also the only thing you hear in ETH is Vitalik this or Vitalik that...what if he goes under the bus tomorrow?! EF is like a new central banking!

Yeah, I held 1 bitcoin and 40 eth and bailed after the DAO hack at a 20% profit in a week. Obviously wish I had held on but it really shook my confidence. Also that was my 2nd time dealing with crypto-assets (I saw it back in 2013 and called it a scam. Also got a 1000 XRP airdrop that I promptly cashed out for a bottle of Laguvulin 16 which I don't regret).

Still think BTC will go up but that ETH is overvalued at $70 bln as the 3rd/4th gen blockchains overtake it. There's just no good reason with the SEC hammer coming down on ICO's (mostly ETH) to have it valued at 10x the nearest blockchain.

NEO will evade this because it's not based in the U.S. EOS gets around this by bankrolling devs with their $1 billion warchest and distributing airdrops rather than ICO's.

Welcome to crypto-land and happy hunting.

My real concern for BCH is once regulation comes into the space I fear BCH will get shutdown or at the very least lose a lot of value. Roger Ver has gone on CNBC saying he has no problem with insider trading when questioned about the Coinbase mess. There were suspicious pump and dumps of BCH a few months back that just didn't make any sense etc. Regardless of where you stand in the debate, the reality will be very real if these things are proven true. It's downfall will surely not be about the technology, but more likely a result of business practices.

Roger Ver is not BCH!

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