where does wave 1 start from when it breaks out of the triangle??
i just noticed wave 3 is the smallest IF i put wave 1 inside the triangle... does the impulse start inside? or after it breaks out the trend?

I would extend those waves considerably. This is the end game of the NY Secret Agreement to replace Core with Bitcoin Cash. CME owns coinbase, coindesk, and the Digital Currency Group, which sponsored the NY Fake Agreement. Everything else is smoke and mirrors. CME always planned to launch Bitcoin Cash as BTC futures later this year. Segwit2x fork still planned as all out assault on Core. Look for spike in BTC hashrate right before the fork. This will be moved to Bitcoin Cash right after the fork, BTC will come to a grinding halt, and coinbase will have no choice but to adopt Bitcoin Cash as BTC, and coindesk will add a pretty bow.

Interesting. What does the CME have to gain in doing this?

They require a coin that can handle the amount of transactions that they plan to throw its way, and they own all the coinbase customers Bitcoin Cash, and if they pull this off, they will control everything. Not much for decentralization, but probably massive profits. I am also expecting China to relaunch exchanges with Bitcoin Cash as BTC pairs. Or maybe I am just not getting enough sleep. I feel like I'm the protaganist in Dan Brown's latest book, The Da Haejin Code.

lmao you conspiracy theorist... nice one!

When your in the money business, never mess with a man they call Jesus. Some fractals last thousands of years.

Like Buddha and Yeshua

I'll just say that I've read a lot of stuff about this supposed attack on BTC and replacing it with BCH, and it sounds super interesting and even a little possible. Hell, I sort of hope it happens just so I can appreciate the ruthless strategy of it all.

But we'll need to make sure we trade the charts first, and try to ignore the news to remain un-influenced in our TA.

But a futures contract is a derivative of Bitcoin and so won't require mining transaction. It's simply traded without actual exchange of bitcoins. This is how Seqwit2x futures traded before the forked coins even existed.

A call or put instrument thus has zero need for miner transaction. Unless one takes delivery but that'll be unusual.

If CME wants to outright own BTC, I'd be surprised.

They probably bought all the BCH at $300 along with everyone else involved in this conspiracy against BTC. ;)

thats extremely interesting!

what does that tell you exactly?? Im guessing if they line up well enough, its possible that would be the top? at the top of the fib?

I think this is the beginning BTC Blowoff Top. They will fix the typo top left soon enough.

If she moves decisively through top line, I think we're in business

Do you think BCH is going to correct download and at what level. It seems when BTC goes down BCH goes up. When BTC Goes up, BCH goes down.

can you explain your analysis a little more? if it breaks out of that channel what is your prediction?

what are your thoughts on this??

you said BTC? did you mean BCH?

BCH becomes BTC
Seg2x becomes BS2
BTC becomes BS1
And coindesk will applaud the users for their victory.