Sending Bitcoin Transactions Offline Using GoTenna With Brekkie Von Bitcoin

in bitcoin •  17 days ago

Bitcoin brings a lot of value to the new financial world like being censorship resistant, enabling peer-to-peer transactions without the need of a third party, and being a deflationary currency by design. Despite this, there is always that one friend that says, "Well, what if there is no internet, then you can't send Bitcoin!". This is true, but it is also true for the majority of transactions we make across the globe on a daily basis. Our money is mostly in the digital from now, and less and less people transact with paper bills over time in my opinion. To answer this friend you can throw quite a few different solutions their way including things like satellite transactions, using ham radio, mesh networks and more.

In this latest video I show you a cool new mesh network tool called goTenna that allows you to create a mesh network with your friends to send SMS messages AND Bitcoin transactions when one of you is offline and the other is still connected. My good friend Brekkie Von Bitcoin and I teamed up to give these cool devices a test along the infamous Venice boardwalk to see just how easy it really was to send Bitcoin offline using goTenna!

Make sure to check out goTenna and if you DO decided to buy this cool device, install the Lolli extension for your browser so you can get 2.5% in Bitcoin back from your purchase! Look for more un reviews and crypto tips coming soon, but until next time...

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