CryptoStache Enjin Backed "Founders Token" NFT Details & Launch Date!

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Gaming has always been one of my passions. It has been truly amazing to see the gaming scene blossom from being considered "nerdy" or "geeky" to becoming a mainstream juggernaut that has opened the doors for everyone to enjoy gaming without persecution. 

Finding Bitcoin, and then eventually Ethereum, has really re-ignited my passion for gaming in the last three years. I have had the pleasure of working with the Enjin team on several occasions and what they are doing for the blockchain gaming scene is truly amazing. 100% ownership of digital game items is a revolutionary concept that will sculpt the future of all games created, BUT we are all early to this epic party!

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Congrats early adopters!

NFT's (non-fungible tokens) have changed the way I think about digital scarcity, gaming, blockchain, and a lot more. I was the first crypto content creator ever to have a token created for them and I continue to help promote and pioneer in the blockchain gaming space any way that I can with cool partnerships like the Reewardio x Forgotten Artifacts 'Stache, Master of the Horde dragon NFT that is a usable in Forgotten Artifacts.

With the launch of Enjin's development platform to the public I am proud to finally reveal the details on my own "Founders Token" (somewhat similar to the Enjin Multiverse Founders Token MFT)!

This very limited release token is for all those 'Stachers out there that have supported me over the last few years in the blockchain, crypto, and gaming space. It gives the hodler EXCLUSIVE access to a whole host of benefits and your support will forever be immortalized on the Ethereum blockchain!

Here is what hodling the CryptoStache Founders Token will get you:

  1. Lifetime airdrops of all future CryptoStache platform ERC-1155 NFT's (excluding event-specific mints)
  2. Monthly 'Stache Wheel-O-Crypto spin for 3 lucky token holders (monthly winners picked at random)
  3. Monthly "Crypto Rain" for all token holders (Enjin, Ethereum, erc-20 tokens, etc)
  4. Access to additional exclusive content, giveaways, & discounts
  5. Discount on all future CryptoStache token sales

Token Details:

Max Supply: 150 (25 reserved for future giveaways)
ENJ Value: 20 ENJ
Type: Collapsing Non-Fungible Token (each token has a number)
Melt Fee: 5 ENJ
Transfer Fee: 1 ENJ

Sale Price: 500 ENJ for the first 10 tokens (price increases by 50 ENJ each set of 10 tokens released)
Sale Date: Begins on March 2nd (a quick sellout IS anticipated) 

The sale will be conducted on the EnjinX Marketplace & each new set of 10 released will be announced on my Telegram channel first and then to all on Twitter.


If you are a holder of the 'Stache, Master of the Horder NFT you must fill out the form at the link below to get your free Founders Token airdrop.

Deadline to fill this form is March 1st at 10am PST!!!



If you have any questions about my Founders Token, the sale, the airdrop, or any other details, jump in my Telegram channel or contact me here

Until next time...

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