Update: Bitcoin Dip. How Low Will It Go ?

in #bitcoin2 years ago (edited)

For those who follow me know that
My analysis does Not cover what Bitcoin price will be day after.

It takes 1 week to a month to play out.

As expected Bitcoin price breakdown has become a reality currently sitting at $18,250

From here it can continue its price break down lower OR

It might try to go past $19000 again and then come back down

For all I know is that even If the price goes to 21k I will still be overall bearish for
the month of December.

Rule 1

Don't Chase

I am currently seeing lower prices than this coming
This month there should be a huge opportunity
to buy Alts cheap.

Btw, Do not underestimate this $20k resistance
All the bullish news helps
Nonetheless, Its NOT going to be a cakewalk

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