The Bad Mood Because of the Bitcoin Price Dropping Continues

in bitcoin •  last year


The last few days are definitely not the best for Bitcoin with the bad news (real or not) coming from China and the global market reacting to the situation with a bit of a panic and selling their crypto assets thus bringing the price down. It is not like there haven't been moments like these in the past with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, but that does not help make my bad mood any better ;)

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thanks for sharing keep it up

Yes it looks like Bitcoin is headed much much lower. Time to buy if you were kicking yourself at $5,000 for not buying back at $1,000


Well, going down to $1000 USD short term won't be that good for the market and it will most likely not going to happen, unless the bad news continue popping out one after another. Then again at the start of the year BTC was not traded at much more than that and a lot of people tend to forget that.


Hello, @crowdfundedwhale is not upvoting me anymore. What happened???


The going up and down of bitcoin has become a normal trend. It happened five months ago and is happening now. @crypto

Hope the market of bitcoin will soon be upward..

I think confidence is down at the moment, but cryptocurrency has not achieved its potential yet. We need to think in terms of using it as intended and not just about making money in the short term.


Bitcoin is a long term investment and it is already morphing from a currency alternative to a store of value like gold.

I don't want to call it early or jinx it... but it looks like the bleedout is done... we are 1% up from yesterday as of me posting this... fingers crossed!!!

I think I'm gonna buy more until its price is so sweet. What can you do - I love bitcoin. Do not believe in collapse. In worse case it will just remain a memory of my experience, lol

I see you have left steem is it because of the price drop?