Raspberry Pi staking coins first 2 months overview!

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Hi all!

Ive got some Raspberry Pi's running with coins to stake.
I'm running them longer than this year but i want to check the whole year (2019) how much % they stake.
Wanted to give the first update after a half year but i cannot wait that long :P.
So every 2 months ill give an update. I don't have much coins, so a weekly or monthly update is not very interesting.

This is the overview for January 1st till February 28

CoinCoin total (1-1-2019)StakesReturn (%)

You can see that the return is very different from all the coins but that can change when the year is further. Like i said i don't have much coins so i don't get a lot of stakes. But i want to see how much % return ill get in one year. Its a small experiment and maybe useful for other when you want to invest in a staking coin! Only Stratis didn't stake but i have a low amount of coins and Stratis only give 0.5 - 1%. So i the next update i hope to get a stake from Stratis.

Do you guys have tips or questions please leave them here! Is there a coin you want to see in this experiment? Yeah you know the thing it has to be a coin with a Raspberry Pi wallet :P!

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Interesting. Do you have to buy coins with fiat when staking?

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You first buy coins with fiat or btc/eth. Than you run a node 24/7 (i use a Raspberry Pi) with you're wallet open. For that you get stakes. Only thing you have to do is wait :).