Neblio Pi 100% CPU load? Lxpanel the cause?!

in bitcoin •  2 months ago

Hi all!

I check my Pi staking wallets almost everyday with VNC viewer.
Now one day i see a CPU load of 100% on my Neblio staking Pi (Pi Zero).
So i let it run for a few minutes but still its 100%.


When i check TOP i see that lxpanel uses 33,8% of the available RAM!
LXpanel is the menu panel on top of the screen with the start menu and notifications.
I googled for high memory on lxpanel and i find this thread:

So more people with the same issue! I run this command: lxpanelctl restart
The lxpanel disappears and returns and the memory usage is normal again, so is the CPU load.

So i made a sh script with the whole 1 line :P and a cronjob:


make a sh script you can use the editor you like

paste this line: lxpanelctl restart

to write the file and exit

to make the sh script executable
#chmod +x

edit the crontab
#crontab -e

(every night 00:00 he runs the script now)

Paste this line: 0 0 * * * /home/pi/

write the file and than exit
#ctrl + o
#ctrl + x

list the crontab
#crontab -l

I'm also using this now on my other Raspbian based Pi stake boxes.
The most important thing for me is a high up time from the Pi's! So maybe i gonna make a monitoring Pi to check the Stake Pi's.
Somebody got experience with that?

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