Why did prices fall?

in #bitcoin6 years ago

Facebook and now Google is banding crypto ads . Maybe Bitconnect has helped shape the crypto space with a firm stand on Ponzi schemes and ICOs promising securities with out proven technology behind it. With Over $60 billion wiped off value of cryptocurrencies in 24 hours in the past day. Can we really blame the now laws being implemented? I think is a wonderful thing to be honest and this is why Steem will grow bigger. Why? well its an utility token with proven technologies, apps, communities, developers. Everything a large corporations like google and facebook have. That is why i continue to look forward to powering up my earnings.


If you really think about it, Steemit is the only functioning dApp at this point - everything else is either in the development stage, or still int he ICO phase with just a whitepaper and huge promises.

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