The bubble - Really still with that?

in #bitcoin7 years ago

You will start to read and watch videos on your friendly youtube channels that bitcoin is a bubble. Stand firm and know that buy spreading miss leading information they will eventually make you invest in other project/ coins. This has been happening ever since BTC came to a realization. This same FUD has made me loose large gains by selling my collected BTC only to re-buy it more expensive later on. Think of it as rare baseball cards, hold them for a long term and you will be rewarded for your patience. It's been proven in few years and if you sell what little Bitcoin you have now it will be impossible to purchase it back in the near future. The only bubble is the news, it keeps popping and blowing up again and again.



The news only exist by current events. There will always be talk of bitcoin because it's going no where. Just ignore it and yes hold on to your coin regardless of what it is.

Thanks @paco I appreciate your support.

I'm scared to hold btc I think soon this bubble will burst.

@paco I would be grateful if you pay attention to my blog.

Thank you will do.

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