Higher calls for bitcoin crackdown!

in #bitcoin6 years ago

As the government pushes it's leg down further into crypto currencies. Regulation of a decentralize investment venture is close to being even more manipulated by those with more power. However with the new changes less people will loose in the long run. Rules to follow aren't always a bad thing. The truth is that some coins will vanish and others will fail.

image source https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/mar/05/bitcoin-is-based-on-the-blockchain-pipe-dream

Blockchain technology is the birth of something greater to come out of all this madness, but for now just hold or sell what you have. Life runs by fast maybe enjoy the small gains now or hold and hope for a larger retirement.


Yes it is on going process, sometimes you will loose for a better in future...

True. Thank you for your comment.

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