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I think it's important to understand where we are with the fundamentals. Markets are decided by innovation & politics, & there are but two outcomes to contemplate. Politically we are heating up, as come November we have the U.S. mid-terms this is where you place your bets on either the establishment or Trump. Personally, I don't see the blue wave happening & I think the rising DOW is forecasting that fact. I'm concerned as we have seen 5 days of gains for the altcoin market with amazing returns so far as BTC is holding an impressive push & hold at the $6700 mark. With this as far as technical analysis is concerned we can see the DOW, BTC & GOLD pushing forward as all of them have seen impressive daily candles.

Trading investments is a chaotic mess & when you see the 3 biggest currency markets turn green at the same time that is a textbook setup for a collapse of some kind. Now correlations are everything in this market & from this next picture we can see a closer look at the DOW the thing I'd like to explain is the Chaos, the thing is leading up to the midterms market chaos will kick in as I see the Democratic Party trying to hype the muller investigation & impeachment in prep of the election. Trump will also be juggling the China Trade war that's currently going on giving markets the impression of weakness leading to what I assume will be a weak October.
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This is where the markets will decide the fate of the Democrats muller investigation. If by the time the midterms come around and the Democrats have bluffed this whole investigation with no real evidence incorporating Trump with"High Crimes" the democratic party will suffer losses come to this midterm election. Regardless as traders, I want us to look at day candles as we attempt to predict price action a month in advance. October is going to be chaotic leading up to the midterms & I think we need to look at a hit in market cap in both the stock & crypto markets. I think GOLD is going to see some love during this time but I'm expecting a stock market rebound leading up to the midterm election. Today I look at a lot of altcoins with ridiculous gains as we've experienced an altcoin run of sorts these past few days. Short-term early October I'm expecting consolidation middle to late October I think the Chaos will push the altcoin and crypto market up & November as we get the results the outcome will depend on a Trump midterm or not. If it's a blue wave I think the stock market will take a hit as the crypto market rockets to new highs.

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