Why You Need To Teach Your Grandma About Bitcoin

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Why You Need To Teach Your Grandma About Bitcoin

I apologise if this starts out a little bleak, but there’s a problem within the crypto community that we need to change. The general consensus is that uses of cryptocurrency (once adoption takes over) are going to be any age between 16 – 60, this is because generally, people believe adoption is going to take another 10 to 20 years, which therefore assumes the older generation and those in their 70s and beyond may not be around to see the adoption of Bitcoin.

I however, don’t believe this is the case.

How many times have we explained cryptocurrency to our grandparents? If we have, do they respond inquisitively, are they bothered, or are they scared of the technology? How do we explain it, are we patronising or are we patient and careful?

We need to teach our grandparents about Bitcoin

True worldwide adoption may well take 10, 20 years. However, Bitcoin is here now, as are all the other cryptocurrencies and there are many ways we can interact with them already, within the mainstream theatre. By teaching our grandparents about this technology, we are going to encourage them to start exploring it now, opening up the industry to an entirely new demographic.

The older generation have just as an important role within the cryptocurrency revolution as we all do too.

Now of course, I appreciate that it’s probably a little easier to teach your parents about Bitcoin, they no doubt already use computers and digital technologies. Grandparents may therefore be a little resistant, but even so, by taking time to stop and help them learn about the technologies, you are opening them up to a new world of finance, freedom and fun.

I’m not talking about investment here either. This is not me saying ‘go tell granny to buy Bitcoin’. What I am saying however is introduce them to this technology, tell them about it, show them what it does and explain to them that money is changing. This generation have witnessed more change than any of us. They can cope with Bitcoin, so let’s help them embrace it.

Realistically, some forms of cryptocurrency adoption could hit us in 5 years time. We could well see crypto accepted in some major supermarkets over the next few years and indeed, your grandparents are no doubt going to be exposed to crypto, in real life at some point. Prepare them now, because the older generation are too, a big part of the crypto revolution!

As a side note, I also urge you all to spend time with your grandparents anyway, even if you’re not teaching them about crypto. It’s important!!!


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