BTC - Still following the diagonal resistance line - First signs of a correction in preparation?

in bitcoin •  2 months ago

Hello all,

Here was the chart of yesterday :


Here is the current chart :


We are continuing to follow closely the diagonal resistance line but we start to have more and more difficulties to stay in contact with it. I wouldn't surprise that we have soon a correction because we can see clearly on the charts that we are having some difficulties to continue the UP and stay in contact of the resistance line. Most of the time, it is a sign that buyers don't have enough power to continue the move without a correction.

I wish you massive profits,

Disclaimer : Never invest more than what you can afford to lose. This post is my personal opinion, do your own research before making any investment decisions. If you make any trades after reading this post, it is completely in your responsibility. I am not responsible for any of your losses. By reading this post you acknowledge and accept that.


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