BTC - As expected, the correction is there

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Hello all,

As expected and explained you yesterday, we are having currently a small correction.

Here is the chart that I predicted to you yesterday :


Here is the current chart :

We almost touched the support line from our Trading canal and we are currently consolidating.
I don't think the correction is fully done but the current candle is showing a Up signal.
We will perhaps simply make a consolidation to go touch the MMA13 before to continue again the UP trending.

I wish you massive profits,

Disclaimer : Never invest more than what you can afford to lose. This post is my personal opinion, do your own research before making any investment decisions. If you make any trades after reading this post, it is completely in your responsibility. I am not responsible for any of your losses. By reading this post you acknowledge and accept that.

Version française ici : [FR] BTC - Comme prévu, la correction est là



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The corrections were inevitable, unfortunately people tend to freak out because of the "scale" of them and panic sell a bit, making things somewhat more dramatic.

The shitty uptime of Coinbase/GDAX during yesterdays "to the moon" period probably didn't help new-users confidence too much, but that will settle out long term.

A fun thing to do is compare the % difference in BTC/USD corrections to normal, daily corrections on the USD/GBP Forex market. I'll leave this to you to try, no spoilers ;)

I just converted bitcoin money to Philippine money to actualize my $200 profit.
I know that it was going down so I took my profit and waited for it to deep
so that I can buy again at a lower price and it did deep but my digital wallet is a cheater.

Bitcoin standard price is going down and down but wallet's buying price
is still going up and up and up to the point their buying price is 88,000 pesos more than standard price?!!
It was terrible. I lost my .0029 btc even if my analysis and calculations are correct.

To any admin right there, you better limit your greediness.
You increase buying price too much and decrease selling price as well.
Many of my friends are dissatisfied with your service and I'm telling more people about it
so that it might just reach you and you try to reflect on your actions.
Thank you very much.

Is there much "volume" on I've noticed on exchanges with small volume that the prices tend to be way out of sync with reality at times...

Maximum cryptocurrency will be trump card for their users in 2018, that will be great achievement,,,, @cryptopassion

Do you think it's a good idea to, after the correction. sell some Steem for BTC.

And then Buy back Steem after BTC has run up again?

Bitcoin is still worth $5-6k. All this new money hasn't created new btc or changed the creation/transaction costs. Expect to see a HUGE correction coming, after a spectacular fireworks display from Wall Street. :)

Great analysis and review thanks for posting about digital currency info.

Hi I complely agree!

But man the Korean platforms are really taking over the market haha. I think a cultural factor may be involved too as everyone steps in to have a go at bitcoin!

That with the fact so much % of bitcoin money is borrowed might drive it a bit below $12,000.
I wrote an article on bitcoin and my thoughts on it. I'm quite new so please support:

Not sure if this correction is already over. If than we are on the way to over $US 22,000.00, if not we can go down to even 9,000.00. In any case, no reasons for worries, bitcoin will make new record soon.

Hello !
Someone help me . I am not getting any payout my many post had 0.01and 0.02 but on the day of payout it becomes zero ,no payout

Thank you very much to sharing this post.

Well I guess I got here too late...

I said the same thing when BTC hit $1000 a few years ago.

trust analys and share. Thank you for usefull post @cryptopassion

Thanks for the update! I had honestly expected a bigger correction, so I think we might see another one very soon.

I’m at the point now where I WANT to see a big correction lol. The amount of risk in bitcoin right now is scary

Alt Coins are the way to go right now till bitcoin comes back down.

The correction was inevitable

I think we test the bottom in the next couple weeks. At least to 12k. No worries though.
Bitcoin has proven itself time and time again.
Gain 100%+ in 2018....

Agree with you, the correction was indeed applied. But after it, Bitcoin it is going to rise again, until its next correction. So, keep investing, right?

great analysis, i would to thank you for that

Very useful for all information. Thank you very much.

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