Bitcoin Is Too Hard To Use! UX In Crypto (video/podcast)

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Have you ever pulled on a door with a handle, only to realise it says "push"? What's the handle for?

Have you ever had your washing machine lock its door on you, and then give you a really helpful message like "DOOR IS LOCKED"?

People have these experiences all the time. Often they get frustrated. Sometimes they think "Aw geez I'm such a dummie for not knowing how to work this thing." But generally, it's not your fault. It's the fault of the designers for not keeping you in mind when they made the thing.

A lot of newbies have the same experience with Bitcoin.

Welcome to Cryptonomics, principles of cryptocurrency and investing.

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A brief history of UX on the Internet

Around the time I started using the Internet, it was still common to use IP addresses - the address as numbers, instead of using words like There was no Web 2.0, or even Web 1.0. Search engines weren't fully formed. You typed the numbers to get to a university site, and got to look at a few documents and pictures - no animation, no video, not even links to click on. If I didn't know the numbers, I couldn't get to the site.

If the Internet had stayed as user friendly as it was then, do you think it would have ever become as popular as it is today? If you had to type an IP address into Gopher or a browser to get to a site, if you didn't have a search engine but you had to ask your friends for new sites to find them? The Internet would still be for nerds.

Nothing wrong with nerds, it's great to be a nerd. But the majority of people, the potential market for the Internet, and for cryptocurrency, go far beyond nerds. Regular people. Grandmas and soccer mums, grocery shoppers. Regular old humans.

Let's talk about the user experience of Bitcoin over time.

History of UX in Bitcoin

When I first started using Bitcoin, we downloaded the whole blockchain to use the wallet. It took a while, possibly a day or two to download it. Yes, you had to wait days before you had the full functionality of the wallet. I got the Litecoin wallet, used a torrent to download the blockchain to get it started. I verified the blockchain cryptographically, to make sure I wasn't getting a fake one.

In 2014, my buddy Aaron suggested this idea for a business, a café which had a full Bitcoin node so you could walk in with your laptop and download it over WiFi. That idea became obsolete pretty quickly.

Then came web wallets like, and eventually light wallets like Electrum. Now we have mobile wallets, wallets as browser plugins that can hold hundreds of different cryptos. And in many countries you have a choice of several exchanges.

Now some cryptos have addresses that are actual names. You can go on Bitshares or Steemit and send money to your friend just by typing their handle. By the way, follow @cryptonomics1 on Steemit.

A few people get bent out of shape when I mention this, they say it's no big deal to use a 34 character address or use a QR code. Okay, it could be worse. But there's a reason I don't write on my business cards. I write - because it's easily read, understood and remembered by humans.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are easier to use than ever. If we expect crypto to be more than a niche thing, it has to be outstanding to use. It has to be better to use than what people are already using, or they won't switch. It needs things like transaction disputes, private payments, automatic payments, discounts for paying with crypto. Successful digital currencies might not have all these features, but they'll have to have some of the important things that people expect, in order to reach mass adoption.

What's in it for me?

It's tempting to think that UX is something simple, something that can just be added on later, that it can be an afterthought. Really, UX doesn't work like that. Today more than ever, the technology needs to welcome the user. If you build the tech first, without thinking of the user, and then try to build UX on top, it will be tough. The tech won't be able to do what the user needs, because it wasn't built for the user.

UX can't be thrown on top like a first coat of pastel paint. A system must be designed to be congruent with user experience. If it's not, and the user comes second to the tech, people will know, they will feel it, and as long as there are other options, they simply won't use the service.

People are naturally, constantly seeking value. People are constantly asking that magical question "What's in it for me?"

As entrepreneurs and system designers we constantly have to be asking "What's in it for them?" to think about why someone would use a system, how to make it easy to use a system. Make it easy, make it fun, make it engaging, and you just might find success.

Thanks for listening to Cryptonomics, thanks for sharing this video and podcast, thanks for giving a five star review on iTunes. Most importantly, stay grateful!

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How do you like the UX of Steem or Busy or Steempeak?

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I think they're the best in crypto right now, but for a mainstream audience they're not all the way there. Being told that if you lose your password, you can lose access to your account and funds is really scary for a lot of people. Securing your account with different keys is very confusing, even though I'd say it's quite a good system technically.

Steem has really changed things, opening up crypto to new creative people who wouldn't have otherwise been involved. So that's nothing short of amazing.

I guess buying a safe getting it installed and then buying physical gold putting it in the safe and keeping the keys private is not hassle free either. Bitcoin like gold has its hassles which make it a secure way of storing or saving wealth. The fact that it is slow is good for saving.

I'm not sure if that's accurate. Can you tell me how being slow is a good thing?

Bitcoin is still not practical. Ethereum, EOS, BTS and STEEM are more convenient.

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Thats why we need the lightning network.

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Funny think is the LN(in fact I pretty Lightning labs is working on it) can have username type things(forgot how it done) as well removing the need for address.

The only one that is great is nano

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