Gold looks nice.

Im team bitcoin so not trolling here... u realize gold is worth more then bitcoin right?
The total marketcap of gold is over 7 trillion
Bitcoin is way under 500 billion even at its high
Gold is worth much more. I’m more pro bitcoin but saying bitcoin is worth more is a lie. You have to compare the total value not cherry pick a measurement of one to the other. A ounce of gold is worth less then a bitcoin doesn’t mean anything , there are more kilos of gold then bitcoins so A kilo of gold is worth more then a bitcoin
You can compare Units anyway u want it’s not valid. Total value of all is only honest practical way.. if u divide all gold by same number of total bitcoins mined the number is way more valuable then a bitcoin. Let’s be honest guys. There’s no need for bogus arguments! Bitcoin is a capable argument of value without lying or not making a fair comparison

What really interests me is what if Crypto's market cap one day matches gold's. That's at least a 14 times price increase. Hope you bought cheap in this bear market like I did, because the sale isn't going to last forever.

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