[cryptomonitor NEWS] Bitcoin monument on a roundabout in Kranj (Slovenia, EU)

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How are you doing my dear STEEMIANS ?

This is my new post about actual news in Cryptosphere. Every week i post few cryptocurrency related news posts. So, in this post, great news from Slovenia (EU).

Slovenia puts Bitcoin monument on a roundabout in Kranj

Kranj, a small Slovenian city (Europe) has added a Bitcoin logo monument in the center of a roundabout. I't was created by Slovenian artists Aleksandar Frančeškin and Selman Čorović and sponsored by the crypto exchange Bitstamp and the Slovenian technology company 3fs.
According to it's official announcement, the logo’s location symbolizes decentralized connectivity and everyday life optimization as well as trust, cooperation, and the country’s transparency.

The popular Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp
was started in Slovenia by Nejc Kodrič and Damijan Merlak.
However, its registration was later moved to the U.K.,
due to lack of access to financial services in Slovenia.

By announcing the inauguration of Bitcoin monument,
Slovenia has shown its big openness and willingness
to embrace the distributed ledger technology.
The central European country that borders
with Croatia, is sending a BIG message to
the world that it welcomes and accepts blockchain
based projects.

So, what you think, will Slovenia be a
leading location for blockchain based projects?

Let me know what you think, upvote, comment, resteem !

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Well it is certainly a step in the right direction... was the Slovenian government behind the monuments construction?

Would love to see this kind of progress towards decentralization in America. But the big central banks who actually run the government probrably wouldn't allow it I feel.

but who knows. Thanks for sharing!

This is awesome,and great for all steemit members ?thanks this post,

Yeah.. I doubt they would allow it. Thanks @ctryptomonitor

This is awesome! I am excited to see what crypto will bring for us next and who will choose to support the crypto space next. It's amusing that so many people are online saying that crypto is dying because of the recent regulations. We should be buying more crypto while the market is down =)

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