Is Your Private Life Really Private?

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Data and information security has become very important in today’s modern world. Secure messaging apps have grown in popularity as consumers seek protection from hackers and surveillance. Such applications let you safely exchange private information with employees, clients and co-workers, without worrying that your data could be compromised. That is why Adamant - the most private messenger possible - was created.

The main goal of the company is to solve the problems of security and confidentiality in our modern society and to prove people that they diserve private lives.

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Interview with Adamant’s CEO - Pavel Evgenov

CryptoLook: Who are you & where were you before this company?

Pavel Evgenov: Pavel Evgenov — Chief Executive Officer of ADAMANT. Graduate of Government and Municipal Management (IMEI) — Alumnus. Manager and innovator with a huge history of successful IT and Financial projects. MBA. Secretary of Moscow Youth Community Ward.

CryptoLook: Can you please tell us couple of words about your company?

Pavel Evgenov: The secured messenger ADAMANT is made to solve the issues of confidentiality for private and corporate communications. The project team consists of talented programmers, security specialists, creatives and experienced business advisers.

CryptoLook: How businesses can benefit from the products/services provided by your company?

Pavel Evgenov: For the moment the first version of the product is available, which represents a messenger, operating in every modern browser. The upcoming versions will deliver the ability of documents digital signing. The side-chain setup mechanism on the corporate servers will be implemented to meet the companies’ needs in reliable business communications solution.

CryptoLook: How has your company evolved from Day 1 to Today?

Pavel Evgenov: The Idea, the first loyal partners’ investments, redistribution of the team’s human resources for the project development. Then making a concept, the product, the website, revision, Pre-ICO, ICO.

CryptoLook: What is the greatest challenge you’ve faced with the company?

Pavel Evgenov: It was in breaking a paradigm «if you’re wanna make something right — then do it yourself». Many of the present tasks had overcome the team’s competence just at the start of the project. So we made a decision to hire the best industry specialist so we could focus on the strategic planning.

CryptoLook: What does your typical day look like?

Pavel Evgenov: I wake up at 8am. I have an hour to gather myself and to remember all the things I wanted to do today. Then I write down a list of task and plan my time. A lot of time I spend on conferences. The conference starts at 10am with registration and welcoming words to my colleagues and friends. I prepare for my speech and make it happen. I answer the questions and lead the discussion of topics induced with my speech. From 2 to 4pm we have lunch which I often combine with meetings and negotiations with potential investors. Then I’m back on the conference to expose our project with my colleagues to the public and to make some private talks discussing particular questions. We’re searching for partners in the adjacent project fields, cause it is no secret that most of the investors are not only looking for the entry point of another crypto, but are also planning to diversify their holdings. Therefore the most investors I know directly are often ask me to consult them about mining and trading topics. Frankly I have never been a real expert in these fields and I never concealed this fact from my interlocutors. But it is a common thing that most people actually do not have any another options for getting such an information. So during our talks when I’m always trying to find an optimal solution for their issues I gain more relevant experience in these topics. And I also learn from the experts which we often engage in the process for a wide range of problem solving.This way I spend my day on the conference and at about 8pm I’m heading my way back home and making calls with my colleagues to discuss the vital issues which will be solved from my house or the office.

CryptoLook: What is your priority for the next year?

Pavel Evgenov: Setting the priorities is the most important task. And I think my colleagues will agree that now the most attention is directed to solve the problems of security and confidentiality in our modern society. In the next year we want to give people hope that their private lives are real private and then — we’re going to prove it.

CryptoLook: What do you think about the future of Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency market in general?

Pavel Evgenov: Nowadays the Blockchain is already the integral part of the IT. And the cryptocurrencies which in fact are only the top of the iceberg will also be recognized as the part of the classic banking system and will eventually be regulated. Yes, there will always be «free of regulation» currencies, but their amount won’t grow so rapidly as you can see it today. You can’t ignore the globalization process — a good profits are earned on the cryptocurrencies markets and then are being invested in the classical instruments. So could also stay «clean» without quitting the crypto.

CryptoLook: What do you consider as your biggest achievement or success?

Pavel Evgenov: Cryptocurrencies are also money, and it is known that money corrupt people. So as an achievement I consider not only the growing bank account balance, but it is very important to exercise the personal strength and to remain human after all.

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