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It's time we accept the reality – cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Investing in cryptocurrencies now provides benefits that traditional systems cannot match. Those who mine cryptocurrencies are also making it big. The industry is churning out millionaires each passing day. So how do you get involved in this disruptive technology? Your first step might be signing up for a wallet. But how do you create a cryptocurrency wallet? It shouldn't be hard as we take you through the simple process and also give you a sneak peek of the best platforms to use.

Cryptocurrency wallets – what are they?

Just like your bank account, cryptocurrency wallets also acts as storage locations for your cryptocurrencies. The wallet will keep your public and private keys and enable you to receive, make purchases, and send cryptocurrencies. So if you want to buy, spend, or have cryptocurrencies, you first need a wallet.

How do you get a cryptocurrency wallet?

To create a cryptocurrency wallet, it should not be something like trying to understand a mathematical formula. Though caution needs to be taken in sending and receiving cryptos, getting your wallet is easy and simple. This is what you need to do:

Choose your preferred cryptocurrency

Before you create an account, you need to decide on the type of cryptocurrency you are going to buy or invest in. Is it Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Neo, or Ripple? Your choice of cryptocurrency will determine the place where you can create your wallet.

Choose the platform you want to create your wallet

There are many platforms where you can create a cryptocurrency wallet. Whiles some wallets are built for certain specific cryptocurrencies, there are wallets that support more than 10 or 15 cryptocurrencies. So after deciding which cryptocurrency(ies) to hold, find out the wallets that support your choice of cryptocurrency and then go in for that. If you want to hold many cryptocurrencies, it’s good to go for multi-crypto wallets.

Below are some of the cryptocurrency wallets that support many coins:

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