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I'll tell you about the new game of Cryptolandy.
It is called so because it will be possible to register in it with the crypto wallet anonymous.
Besides this, the game will be controlled by players. The technical maintenance of the game will be carried out by a team of hired workers, but the strategic decisions will be taken by council 12. This council will include only the best players who received the largest number of Cryptolandy tokens during the tournaments.
90% of the Tokens of Cryptolandia will be distributed mainly between the winners of the tournaments. Tokens will be profitable for their owners and give them the right to vote on the development of the game.
51% of the profit of the game will be paid to the players who will win tournaments and competitions. Payments will be held at the beginning, in the form of Cryptolandy tokens, which can be exchanged at any crypto currency.
Since 51% of the profit will be distributed as a tokens, equal to them, the crypto currency will be directed to payment for hosting and technical support of the game. 49% of the game's profits will be paid to the owners of the released in turnover Cryptolandia tokens.
The game will be open to all.
Players will be divided by estate , as it was in the Middle Ages.
For the lowest class that will not pay for participation in the game, will not be represented by amenities as in real life.
For those who want to join the higher class, you will have to pay for it with a crypto currency, they will be presented with better conditions.
In the future, depending on the efforts of players, as in real life, the lower estate will be presented with the opportunity to move to the higher class. This transition will not be easy, in conditions close to the conditions of the Middle Ages, but Cryptolandy does not set a goal to make it impossible.
The game is planned to launch many different places for the conscientious actions of players on their interests and opportunities.
The open world of Cryptolandy will represent a medieval reality with knightly tournaments and forests full of thieves.
The game can become not only a place for tournaments, but also a dating club.
The game is conceived as a self-developing organism.
In order to run the game we need the initial funds. Therefore, the first 10% of tokens will be sold on the exchange. The first 100 to of the 10 million tokens will be spent on the production of the game trailer and advertising.
The remaining 900 k will be sold more to receive funds for the production of the game and its advertising, of which the bounty program and airdrops will be paid.


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