Nobody gives a fuck about your crypto losses!

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As a YouTuber my comment section is plagued with toxic comments. And this isn't unique as the comment section is the most toxic part about YouTube. The most common are those who don't accept ANY ACCOUNTABILITY for there own actions. Then you have those who are more emotionally invested versus financially invested in a crypto project. People either want to cry, bitch, and complain about the money they lost or because they aren't making money because someone on YouTube is spreading FUD. And I hate that fucking word by the way. Being told your spreading FUD in the crypto world is like being called a cunt in the real world.


If you can't handle the heat, get out of the fucking kitchen! I wish I could end this rant here but some people just will not get it or blame the chef for not turning down the heat. For a long time Bitcoin and other crypto's were just simply getting started. All the ingredients, spices, and flavors just thrown into the pot. In 2017 that pot STARTED to boil and that smell coming out gave anyone who was willing to take in its sweet aroma an emotional hard on.

And just like a real hard on everyone was thinking with all the wrong parts and seeking that instant gratification. Everyone literally had a crypto orgasm and was excreting dollars instead of fluid. Especially towards the end of 2017. Think about what life is in 2017. Everything is instant gratification. Think of all the things you can get at the touch of a few buttons. You can easily get sex, merchandise, information, drugs, guns, or even order a bride if your heart so desired. At the end of 2017 everyone thought the same thing with wealth. I could easily hit a few buttons and like that get rich.

Wake up call mother fuckers! Don't worry this next part applies to me also. I was on the crypto bandwagon before the pot started putting out that deceptively tempting flavor everyone else bought into. BUT, my expectations of 2018 were as poor as a hooker trying to pick up a Jehovahs Witness. I had high hopes and thought that all the right elements were there for me to succeed. BUT, I was terribly wrong!

In 2018 we all were excited for institutional money to make its entrance. We were also excited for the all time highs. But just like a good dish being made, once the pot starts to boil its time to bring that bitch down to a simmer. And that is exactly what happened with crypto. The pot was no longer boiling and the temperature was going down. And like a hungry child the lacks patients and understanding of the process involved of making a good dish, EVERYONE STARTED CRYING, WHINING, and BITCHING like a bunch of fucking babies.

Like I said my 2018 was also a wake up call for me. I knew institutional money was coming in. I knew Wall Street was making there way in. I knew regulation was being put in place. I did videos preaching of all these things since January on YouTube. What I didn't know, was what HAD TO HAPPEN for those things to take place. I never cried, I never whined, or bitched. I stayed strong and bullish. I did my fucking research and didn't assume the worst. Keep in mind the first three letters of assume is "ASS." I stayed the course of being confident and searching the facts and understanding why the market was crashing. Its because it had too! Bottom line! Smart money wasn't going to play when there were entities out there manipulating the market. Institutions weren't opening there doors without regulation. When one understood this, it became easy to understand that this was a cleansing not a crash. I also realized that I myself need to fuck off with that instant gratification bullshit and to start playing chess not checkers.

The hardest part about trying to spread positive, strong, and bullish mindset to people is they want to flood the comment section with BULLSHIT! If you want to understand the idea of misery loves company, read the comment section of a video that spreads positive news and vibes about crypto. Some of the shit people say is absolutely disgusting. Many people just don't understand crypto had its first climax and many more were to cum. Wink wink! Just like real life you have two kinds of people. The kind that hits it and quits it and the other kind that comes prepared with a couple bottled waters, lube, and handcuffs. Now that I think about it, I bet you can judge ones stamina in bed based by there stamina with crypto.

hit it.jpg

Now here comes the bitch slap in the face. NOBODY GIVES A FUCK! If you have time to bitch about it, then you have time to do something about it. Its nobody's problem but you own. Take some fucking accountability and responsibility for your actions. But it seems with crypto, its everyone else's fault.

That first smack to the face was the right hand. Now let's bust out the left hand. There are a lot of shit projects out there (example XVG.) There are also projects out there that have promise and a coin but NO REAL vessel to deliver. And some projects even have a working business and concept and a crypto that isn't even used to fulfill the needs of the project (example would be XRP). When someone calls those projects out on YouTube or any other social media platform, its like you just went to a bitch fest and screamed "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN." People react with the most negative comments possible. They open there cans of try hard and work as hard as possible to insult you versus taking that same effort to research the project they are EMOTIONALLY DEFENDING!

If your emotions are invested then your gambling. BOTTOM LINE! To wrap this shit up, NOBODY GIVES A FUCK that you feel you made a poor decision investing in crypto. Take that opportunity to LEARN instead of bitch! And remember, you can measure the weight and integrity of a person by how they treat those they don't have to treat with kindness. So all those jackass's who want to try and hurt and offend people because they don't like your crypto, your simply demonstrating that not only are you probably financially broke but you are most certainly morally broke!


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And just like a real hard on everyone was thinking with all the wrong parts and seeking that instant gratification.

Well said...

There is quick money that can be made in crypto, but the real cash starts after 3-5 years - not unlike any solid business. Always appreciate your YouTube videos and straight forward outlook. Keep on my man.

I truly appreciate that. Thank you!

What a great article I am reasonably new to crypto and i follow a few great mentors and only gamble what i can afford to loose got a up vote from me and a new follower thank you for your honest article . I started in December my crypto journey and i have not lost a cent yet hodl

Thanks for reading

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