SEC INVESTIGATIVE REPORT - Things are about to get very Interesting IN THE CRYPTOVERSE

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If you havent seen this get prepared because we could see some major shifts in prices very soon

It may also have an effect on some of the major exchanges.

We new it was coming, but lets see how this effects the market.

I wouldn't be surprized to see a huge sell off of many alts and a shift into Bitcoin. But be prepared if you own many digital assests.


The SEC has NO authority to regulate cryptocurrency. Neither do they have the power to do so! It is just one of their fear tactics to try and slow down this inevitable financial revolution that will soon put them out of power. Keep Calm and Crypto On! (but ya it may create a short-term buying opportunity for the alts)

Yeah I am thinking more along the lines of Trading opportunities TBH..But i am sure it will cause a spike, good to keep users informed. I will be eyeing up Veri like a hawk :)

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Great comment. 👍🏼😊

Small world in Crypto. I just saw your youtube video on this topic early today. I upvoted your post and followed you. I am newer to steem, but I have been following crypto since MT Gox. Do you mind following me as well?

Great post! They are going to try to do everything possible to keep their power to continue to print monopoly money. I agree with @cryptosphere. They can "POUND SAND"! Resteemed.

Good article!
Thank for sharing with me :D

I agree they have no authority, although they will try. Great post... upvoted, resteemed and followed. Feel free to follow back. Cheers.