BITTREX - How to make sure your Bittrex account is SECURED as much as possible.

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If you didn't see my unfortunate mishap last month then here is a link to the post

I made the mistake of enabling the withdraw function in the Bittrex API and my account was compromised to the tune of $20,000.

I tracked back where I had initially got into the bad habit of enabling this function and it was from a video tutorial I made for TX (Transfercoin) which has a feature called "Cross Send". In order to use Cross Send you have to enable withdraw in the API. I think this maybe also where the API keys were copied from, even though I thought I had deleted all the keys before uploading the videos.

It was a huge lesson and an experience I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy (as the saying goes)

After making silly rookie mistakes and getting hit hard because of it, I decided I better make a video that shows the best way to secure your Bittrex account so it maybe a bit easier to sleep at night.

Most of you probably know how to do all this but for new users I think it is a must to know all the options.

Sorry for the darkesh video I wasnt wearing any makeup :)


When the dust settles and the emotions are in check, you can always take the positives away from making huge mistakes.

I learnt that regardless of any situation you must do everything you can to ensure the highest security on any account involving financial or personal data.

You must always double check all doors are closed and locked to the gold.

Never keep more than your willing to lose on any exchange.

I hope this video will at least help a few new users to crypto trading and using Bittrex


So great to see you back my friend! I could only imagine how difficult the last month has been for you. Thank you for sharing this knowledge so others can learn. Much Love & Respect!

Thanks....Been a bit tough but learnt alot so it is full steem ahead.....and You are very Welcome :)

I'm glad I had all of these done

Thanks for the help. I'm a big fan of Bittrex and security always something I'm concerned with. Sorry about your bad luck.

Wow brother, excellent post charm me! Vote for my comment, you would be helping me a lot, thanks

Thank you very much for this post.It's all I needed .Steemit is going to become like google you can find anything you need.
Again thanks for posting and willing to help others.
Following you @cryptoiskey

You are right it is a great resource for information :)..and you are Welcome.

Thanks I love Bittrex, and the Google authenticator is a must, I learn a lot for your post. Thanks

I think it is important to use all the security features available in your Bittrex account .

Hey mate. Have you tried Binance? It's one of the best exchanges IMHO. They also have a referral program. You can read how it works here:

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Thank you very much @cryptoiskey for this very useful video. I was looking for this info and found that you explained it very well. You seem to have a knack for explaining things simply and succinctly (a rare trait). Maybe you should focus in the area of crypto security as a new direction/career. I'm really sorry to hear about your loss and am very inspired by your willingness to help others despite your loss. I'm sure good-karma will follow you soon.

I've upvoted this post and have also started following you on here. Thanks again for your time and effort in making this video and look forward to your future work/advice.

I'm sorry for your loss dude. I thought about making videos for some of my trades on coinigy, but i'm just going to stick to posting charts on steemit because it's too much of a security risk. Thanks a lot for putting out this information...superrrrrr important 👌👌👌

Thanks for this post.
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Thank you for this post, I'm sad to hear you lost some money, and I have always been worried of that on bittrex, now I feel a bit better, but still.....