My Tether & Bitcoin "Crash" Speculation Plan

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With all the fud going on this week about tether. I think now is the best time to think of a plan to make if the price really does keep on crashing if tether goes down.

While prices are down I avoid selling all alts.

Here are a few scenarios I have planned out:
Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 6.07.05 PM.png
Bitcoin reaches under 5k USD:
If this happens almost every alt is going down. I will probably stock up on BTC and buy alts. I am watching very closely stellar lumens and enjin coin. Both have a very big 2018 roadmap planned.

Stellar 2018 Roadmap:
Enjin Coin 2018 Roadmap:

I think at around 8k USD we could see a reversal. But if it keeps falling under 8k USD. I will likely hope for it to reach as close to 5k USD then start buying. If it does break under 5k USD then I would expect it to keep falling more.

Do you guys think this is a good plan?


sounds like a plan to me. BTC under 5k is a gift. I will load the boat!

I agree bud. I think weeding coins like tether is similar to natural selection. In the short term it will cause panic selling and fud in price but in the long term history has shown it has always corrected itself at higher highs.

Yes I agree weak coins must be weeded out and create opportunities for us.

I have been watching Tether for a while. I have always had a bad feeling about it because a coin just cant link itself to a goverment fiat and operate freely. I also have a speculation that coins like doge which provide no value will get weeded out but thats something that I think will happen much later.

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