Getting setup on Crypto Currencies in USA and reference links

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Step1: Create coinbase account. You would need verification with dmv license.
You may use the following referral link:
Both of us get $10 worth of bitcoin
Step2: Transfer funds to USD Wallet from bank < avoid paying coinbase fees !! >
Step3: 100+ coins available here
Create accounts here ( You would need verification with dmv license for advanced levels )
bitfinex: Bittrex has wider set of coins
poloniex: (Exclusive to poloniex: GAS)

Additional Reference:
Charting ( bitfinex - assumption - bitfinex has highest volume ) --> select bitfinex
Mastering Bitcoin 2nd Edition - Programming the Open Blockchain :
What is Blockchain Technology?
How does Bitcoin work?
Bitcoin 101
How does the Blockchain Work? (Part 1)

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