Yellow Vests and Buy Bitcoin

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Injustice is growing in the world and the gap between rich and poor is expanding. This naturally causes people to question the current system more. But it is also one of the biggest reasons for the increase of anger.

For the past two weeks, we have seen this anger on the streets of Paris. A group people who name of yellow vests began to protest the growing injustice of the economy. The clashes on the streets are getting stronger. However, we also saw people participating in protests with different reactions. As you can see in the picture above, One person dressed in yellow vest and writes on yellow vest "Buy Bitcoin"

As you know, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies had emerged to against this system. After the emergence of Bitcoin, we have seen other places where the same slogan was used. During the speech of the former Fed Chairman Yellen, you have remebered that the person behind the back shows "Buy Bitcoin" on the cameras.


The sustainability of the current system is discussed all around the world. As long as these discussions continue, we will continue to see similar slogans and pictures.


agree! buy bitcoin forever!

the fiat currencies era is ending. Banks are losing their powr over the people for people realise how manipulative this system is, and people create others currencies on which govs and banks doesn't have power over...

I like everything you said, and I would like to be without the middleman (banks), but I think the government and the banks will find a way to put it under their control. I hope I'm wrong.

Not happy to hear about supposed "clashes" sounds really contra-productive, if they are going to do activism they should do it peacefully. But I do like the "buy bitcoin" vest. Nice to see!


i agree . Nobody can not to change world or life with clash. We just have to change our minds to get justice around the world.

but when all else fails?

Nice write up....

It's so saddening to hear the differences in the sharing of the resources of this world....

However, the differences between the rich and the poor is of great significance and which is not very encouraging.

It even cut across the #crypto world as the rich popularly known as #whale influences the market through the pump and dump measure

So saddening to write about 😓😓😓

i think that crypto technology need time to provide full real performance for help to humanity. But can it solve completely economic problem? i don't know. We will see, i hope this technology help us now and future.

so sad that humanity cant work together as a species but fight on each other, so much more human can do let alone crypto. we could go beyond earth and solar system.

I don't think we should create negative news about crypto in general it's creating fear in people.

Bitcoin rules, its all good. just have to learn more!

This is a sign that mixed markets are failing. People are mad about socialist policies and high taxes. The government is failing and the free market is taking over.

Buy & Hodl bitcoin with a motive that your favorite HODLING period is forever

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