There is beauty all around us.... Bitcoin can help us see it.

in bitcoin •  8 months ago

Breathe... take in the beauty that surrounds us.

Today I a reminded that we are surrounded by beauty, not only in nature but within ourselves and in our children and our spouses... Don't cut yourself off from the world and the beauty that surrounds you.

The image below can be filled with demons or with beautiful birds its all about perception...


We are in the Age of Aquarius ... this is a time for enlightenment spirituality and getting away from organized religion and into a more spiritually free and nature based belief system.


How does this all tie into bitcoin and cryptocurrency? Because we are all connected...


I believe the decentralized nature of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies allow us as individuals to be free of large institutions and governments thus allowing us to be more free in general to pursue the earthly pleasures that have been provided to us...

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