Is Digibyte / DGB headed to 77 cents per coin? Bitcoin / Altcoin News 8-31-18

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Is Digibyte / DGB headed to 77 cents per coin?

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Digibyte is the real Bitcoin, it's bockchain is far superior to almost all other digital currencies.. It uses 5 equally-weighted mining algorithms, each with it's own difficulty adjustment.. This completely eliminates 51 percent attacks and hostile hard forks, which have plagued other cryptocurrencies.. With block times of 15 seconds, and full transaction confirmations within 1.5 minutes, it is truly the payment instrument that could be used to buy the cup of coffee, and small everyday purchases in shops.. It is so inexpensive to use as far as fees go that you’d be able to get away with your $4 cup of coffee costing you $4.000001, which is genuinely not even worth mentioning the fee at that price... Also, many don't even realize that DAPPS and SMART CONTRACTS can and are being built on top of the platform as we speak... It was the first major altcoin to successfully activate segwit.. It is 40 times faster, 5 times more secure, and more scalable than Bitcoin.. By 2020 the team has stated that 2000 transactions per second will be achieved, with much more after that.. The more I learn about this coin, the more interesting it gets.. With the price hovering around 3 cents right now, this is an excellent, strategic medium to long range hold that will make many people a lot of money.. Many altcoins will die and get sorted out, this will not be one of them.. Start building a position now, and just keep adding to it whenver you can as long as these prices are where they are.. Put a sell order in around $.50 to $1.00 and reap 15-30 times gains, probably within a year.. Your welcome..

Wow, nice reply :)