Z-Classic Fork and why I bought!

in bitcoin •  last year

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Ok December has been a huge month for zclassic (zcl) it has gone from $4 to over a $100. Late January ZCL will be forking with BTC in a way. Every ZCL token holder will receive 1 BTCP (bitcoin private) at the same time every BTC holder will also receive 1 BTCP.

1 Btc = roughly $13k results in 1 BTCP
1 ZCL = roughly $100 results in 1 BTCP

Do the math any mainstream adoption could put you in a great position to get some BTCP cheap even if zclassic crashes (sell it) you will be left holding a coin that could be worth $500? $1000? seems like a safe bet (not advice). Bitcoin with zk-snark could be a game changer for mainstream attention and if Coinbase/gdax supports the BTC fork side off it, it will become accessible to everyone on Coinbase/gdax. Yes, it was pumped was $5 a month ago but I am not going to loose out on future gains just because of fear I missed the pump so I bought a couple.

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Wow that is really a great Information I haven't heared of yet. And yes you are right if BTCP just becomes a litte hype that this trade off is really awesome. Upvote and Resteem!
PS: you should probably use tags like cryptocurrency, money and blockchain as well they have higher exposure.


@masterthematrix I appreciate the info on the tags, looking for any tips I can get on exposure!

Good Post Dude !


appreciate it man! taking a dip today but hoping to see $200 coin in the next couple weeks once we get closer to the fork.

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