Altcoin rally transition? BTC

in bitcoin •  last year

mkcap jan.PNG

Remember late spring early summer when we saw the alt coin market bear down when bitcoin took its turn to run, this market seems to move in cycles and this alt bull market seems familiar. Everything is amazing in the alt markets everything is going through the roof and I am not saying this is going to end right now but at some point I believe in the next month or so we care going to see a bitcoin run. I am playing with the idea of reducing my position in all alts by 50% when the time comes and move into bitcoin for the run. What do you guys think? Are we going to see another bitcoin run to 20k maybe 25k?

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Really informative and ghelpful post, Thanks for sharing @cryptocure

Wow amazing post my friend. .I appreciate to your post..Carry on your activity of luck. .

I think that if Bitcoin get to 20-25k, every altcoin will at least double at the same time because investing in Bitcoin nowadays is just not as profitable as investing in altcoins.