@Klye South Park Fan Art

in bitcoin •  9 months ago
To support @klye's witness campaign, I have created some south park fan art in his honor.

- Follow me @cryptocreme if you haven't already. Upvote and resteem this post and I will share the wealth! :)


- Give your feedback in the comments section and I will try to respond and upvote as many posts as I can! Be sure to follow @cryptocreme and @klye!

A vote for @Klye is a vote for pie! Your gonna love it, believe me! :P

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Bahahahaha. This is GLORIOUS!

Thank you for the wonderful fan art my friend and the laugh. Hilarious work here and you drew me damn near perfectly.. Cheers man, keep it coming!


Glad to support the cause!

I see what you did there:

  • Cartman/Bitcoin (both fat/large)
  • Kyle/Ethereum (level headed/steady)
  • Kenny/Fiat (ready to die)

Bahaha, that is really good simile work young sir.

I have talked to Klye a few times on SteemSpeak, really solid guy.

Have you a great weekend. Thanks for the post (I am a big South Park fan).


I always appreciate a fan of my work! Perhaps a gentleman of your fine tastes would like a fan art created in his own image, I always love a challenge.

Love it <3 Resteemed & upvoted as well. Please be sure to vote for me as witness as well (bb is my bb too <3)

very amazing blog u are

Thanks for sharing ,

Upvoted !

By the way ,I started following you and I would appreciate your follow back too .
please visit my blog and vote me too

Its so exciting to be on the ground floor. I think most people don't realize how lucky we are to be a part of this as a community. Things of this magnitude are usually only available to the elite. If the power of the community could be harnessed the growth could be exponential


Awesome! If your message isn't a spambot, then I appreciate it!


Yes, am human


then here's another upvote! :)


Upvoting and comment are the best



Thank you for sharing.

Good Post thaks

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Pretty cool. Very odd. But I like odd :)