BTC LITE is faster, smarter and cheaper version of Bitcoin

in #bitcoin7 years ago

BTC Lite will have a supply of 21,000,000 tokens, it’ll be divisible to 8 decimal places, and you’ll be able to send and receive them just like you can with Bitcoin. An ERC20 version of Bitcoin has many advantages over Bitcoin right out of the gate, BTC Lite will be both faster and cheaper than Bitcoin, while also enjoying the ability to work with smart contracts. I believe that BTC Lite, with adoption, could be a real asset for Ethereum. It will not only boost Ethereum’s recognition in the crypto-currency community but also in the eyes of the public, while also providing a way to utilize Ethereum’s vast capabilities with a token which is representative of Bitcoin.


BTC Lite is a simple token with a simple goal. To complement and work in tandem with Bitcoin, providing a way to use a Bitcoin related asset within the Ethereum ecosystem.

BTW, I was lucky enough to get in on an airdrop for this coin yesterday and got 100 tokens, out of its 21,000,000 total supply.

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