NEW FACTS: TRON's $72b "Partner"🔸Billionaire: Jumps in Crypto!🔸SEC's new ICO office!🔸NEO fork FUD

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Bitcoin rolling over on the daily chart
Goldman Sachs: Multi-Million $$ Investment In Crypto Platform
Crypto Lender sees increase in institutional borrowing
NEO fork FUD
PundiX donating to natural disaster relief in Indonesia
Aircoins App is full of free crypto
APL airdrops are now completed
Woodfine, Relex launch innovative cryptocurrency solution
ONT and COT partnership
Elon Musk enters crypto
Binance Announces $17,000,000 BNB Coin Burn
Cardano Founder: thoughts on collab with Hyperledger
IOHK's audit on Icarus, completed
GS4 is offering a unique way to store crypto
Vechain prototype presented to BMW
NANO beats XRP in a speed test
Monero Hard Fork is now live
LocalBitcoins takes off in Argentina
Traders start buying ADA, XLM, ZEC, and BAT
Bitfinex banking problems
Paxos fluctuates around the top 100 crypto's
EOS Classic suddenly closes
600 confiscated Bitcoins up for sale
Ripple (XRP) Partner with Bill Gates Foundation
KyberWidget is now on CoinGecko
Toyota uses blockchain to minimize ad fraud
Omise: Gets Backing for Blockchain PayPal Alternative
METM listed on Bitmart exchange
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