Success Strategies #6 - The Pyramid trade management strategy

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Hi guys!

I havent spoken much about this particular trade management strategy, but trade management is as vital to our trading as our entry and exit.

Using this Pyramid technique we can safely lock in profits, eventually giving us what we know as a ''free trade'' Whereby a trade has moved enough in our favour, and has given us the signals we need to place a stop loss in a place that completely eradicates any fear of loss .

Before trying to learn this strategy, i strongly advise you to learn at least ONE of the previous strategies. They all work with each other, and the more of them there are at any one time, the higher the probability your trade will be successful.

The Pyramid technique shown in the video below is a life saver if you are an emotional trader. If you have some patience and you have at least some knowledge of the strategy you can eliminate the fear of loss, and thus, you can let your trades run and run in to better profits with out the usual concerns.

I hope this can be of great help to you all!



@inquiringtimes, Thank you for your interest. The blue background videos are quite old videos from back in the day when i was managing a group of traders and the quality isn't all that good, i hope you can see whats happening enough that it can be informative!

The white back ground videos are much newer and are from when i began getting investment and thus a marketing budget so the video and sound software is far more advanced.

Nice analysis, I always look forward to see different povs when it comes to technical analysis! Followed you since I do crypto updates as well!

Followed back buddy :) Welcome to my page, i hope it can help!

you should upload to dtube too
since you are on steemit, everything is set up already.

Im quite new here so im getting my head around the whole networking of it all, but Dtube is definitely on my list of things to get on with!