Success Strategies #4 - Trading Fibonacci retrace and expansion to pinpoint entries and exits.

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  • Fibonacci retrace and expansion levels.

Fibonacci is a sequence found in us and our genes, our mentality, nature and our universe. Its is a universal, multidimensional language, that in my belief is used far beyond our personal human lifetimes and this world.

Fibonacci sequences in trading financial instruments is an extremely powerful thing. We can use 50% and 61.8% retraces of a move up or down as an entry into a position with a very tight stop loss, and we can then use a 121% Fibonacci expansion level as our price target as explained in the video below.

In the video you will be shown how to draw Fibonacci retrace and expansion levels into a trending market price chart to PIN POINT your entry and exit levels with great precision, as used by the big institutional bankers and investors.

The secret of trading Fibonacci levels can change your trading immediately, as this knowledge and the strategy in itself is used by the ones that move the market, and to be on their side of the market with the knowledge they have, using the strategy they use gives you an immediate advantage!


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