Bitcoin runs, and runs, and runs past $16,000

in bitcoin •  last year

Bitcoin is going up, and up, and up. And the altcoins are losing steam as money flows heavily into BTC. How long will this continue to play out? Part of me thinks it will continue up until Sunday night when the Bitcoin Futures begin trading, but we'll have to see exactly what effect the launch of the CBOE Futures has and how significant the short interest is.

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Wow, it's going up so fast. Hopefully it doesn't crash.


I think the crash is inevitable at this point.. But even a 50% correction is still over $8,000 BTC




I hope for a healthy correction just to see it soar to even higher levels in the end :)


I think a correction is likely coming, potentially when the CBOE and CME Futures give big institutions the opportunity to short. We'll have to see how the futures pan out, but could be a crazy crazy time.


Yeah I actually assume the same. I mean why shouldn´t whales use this opportunity to drop their bitcoin at all time highs, while shorting it via the futures and then buying back at lower prices. IMO something big might be approaching us as the market is so damn easy to manipulate these days.

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Good info as thank you.
I think we will see a massive alt rise soon and BTC will flip over very soon.

At what point will we meet up again?

In the next few years fiat price won't matter since this monetary system is on it's last legs. What will matter is the amount of GH/s and Satoshi one has.

It is bitcoin fire on the mountain run, run, run!!! Maybe it's panting toward $20,000 before end of year

we r brothers,we can work together, I like ur post,so,I will help u and u help me @alaminbappy

Last sentence needs an update. You say: do you own research, instead of do youR own research.

Nice article though, thanks for sharing

I wonder how many people in the last day alone took the first step to getting a wallet and signing up to buy Bitcoins. It would be a fun statistic to see, and I am one that can be added to it. Also kicking my own ass for not seeing this coming, so I hope there is much more of the honeymoon phase left to soar.

It is crazy at home much Bitcoin jumped in the past 48 hours. I had just put what little I had into IOTA at about $4 each and now it's gone down to about $3-3.5/coin. Kinda sucks. I almost wish I hadn't jumped into it and just let the little bit of bitcoin jump in price. Ah well...just gotta hope for a jump and pull it out and let it grow a bit.

now bitcoin price raises very fast I think Dec end it will cross 20000usd.


Agreed, I have been watching the market closely this morning and I have seen some exchanges even break $19,000 today! A partial correction has occurred on many exchanges, and I would say most exchanges have BTC around $16,000-$16,500 after the insane rise that happened this morning! Thoughts? Do you guys think a huge correction in about to happen?

This is incredible! Who would have thought?????

very helpful post for freelancer. this advice are simply own opinions,

All the news outlets are having to constantly edit their headlines to keep them relevant. "Bitcoin tops $10k" doesn't grab much attention when it is over $20k.

Holy crap! I go to bed and wake up to that sort of crazyness! Fun way to start the day


Altcoins need a break. It's sucking everything. At least you can buy the dip if you know what I mean.

Hodl on for dear life boys! It's gonna be a real slobberknocker!

I think it will correct to a 10k$ which is still amazing :)

Two nights ago I watched the "Big Bang Theory" episode from last week where they supposedly remembered they had mined some bitcoin 7 years ago.
In the show they mentioned that the price was now "almost $5,000." I was telling the guy at work that the show must have been taped about 2 months ago, b/c that was when it was almost $5k, and at the beginning of yesterday it was almost $12k already.
I think I'll wait until it tops $20k before updating him on the price. lol

Btc will hit $20000 in December .

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I have a question :::
What is Bitcoin Bubble Balloon and what happen when it burst !

pity, the bitcoin goes up and steemit is going down, I would like so much to buy steemit, but now I do not have how to buy it, when I have or earn something for my contributions, buy steemit to keep growing.

I only had to change it for steemit, I would like to have more to invest (+$1.413 en converting)

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Unbelievable run up the rumors, sell the news, futures could either be a good or a very bad thing giving Wall Street billionaires the ability to short it, there are some volatility limits in the contracts but we’ll see...

Wow it's amazing, do you please advice me the correct way for earn BTC???